Anne Gust, a Remarkable Woman


Today we celebrate the 90th anniversary of the 19th Amendment. Maggie, a member of the media team, tells us about a special woman in her life: Jerry's wife, Anne. 

Something I thought I would never care about in a politician is their spouse. But who you decide to spend your life with, and who decides they can spend the rest of their life with you, says a lot. One of the reasons I love Obama so much is that Michelle is among the coolest chicks on the planet.

I’ve spent some time with Jerry’s wife, Anne Gust, and the same thing can be said about her. If an amazing, independent woman like Anne made the decision to spend her life with Jerry Brown, he must be pretty special.

Gust, who grew up in Bloomfield Hills, Mich., graduated from Stanford University and then University of Michigan Law School. She worked at several law firms before joining Gap Inc. in 1991. She had an incredibly impressive career, serving as their General Counsel and eventually working up to Chief Administrative Officer and Executive Vice President.

Ned, who also works on the campaign, started at Gap as a file clerk and says she wasn’t hierarchical, treating everyone equally regardless of title. “She tells it like it is, and is persuasive. She has a great sense of humor, but can discuss topics seriously. She isn’t judgmental, and can use her sense of humor to lighten up a tense situation."

He continues, "People go to her to seek counsel because they know they will get an honest answer. When coming into a company comprised mostly of men, her strength and passion earned her respect. She spearheaded Gap's social responsibility department and felt strongly about the company behaving ethically - beyond just words on paper."

From my experience, Anne isn’t someone who will just follow in line. She was on the Board of Glide, an amazing San Francisco organization, and volunteered there. She's been a registered Republican, an Independent, and a Democrat. She has her opinions, but is always willing to listen to those of others. I have many impressive women in my life, and after meeting Anne, I'm excited to tack one more on the list. I think every woman should surround herself with other confident, independent women as role models. I’m lucky to be working with Anne.


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