And The Word Of The Day Is...

Each Friday, staffers update the rest of the team on our area of responsibility. This week, the assignment came with a twist: Include an SAT word somewhere in our summary, and the person with the most interesting/unusual piece of vocabulary will win a prize. As a self-proclaimed word nerd, I'm secretly praying for the win. Okay, my secret's out. Here's what I chose:

Calumny. [noun; kal-UHM-ny; plural: calumnies] A false or malicious statement designed to injure the reputation of someone or something.'s sentence: The speech was considered a calumny of the administration.

My sentence: One of the goals of this blog is to expose Meg Whitman's various calumnies against Jerry Brown.

Go forth and use it in your own sentence over the weekend. Preferably in the same breath as 'eMeg.'


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