A New Way To Contribute

This week, the campaign rolled out a fun feature for supporters to use on Facebook.

If you want to help our effort using your social network, these tools are perfect for you. You can post a specific tab on your own profile that allows anyone who clicks on your page to donate to the cause directly. Click the 'Give Now' tab on Jerry's Facebook page and follow the instructions to get started.

We'll also be rolling out themed badges in the coming weeks. You can spread these badges to show your support, add them to your profile, and encourage your friends and family to contribute through a simple click of the badge.

Yesterday, we launched our first badge, Environmentalists for Brown, in conjunction with Jerry's visit to a solar plant in Newark where he condemned Proposition 23. Check it out on his profile and add it to your own if that's an important issue for you.

The more these tools spread, the better, so whether you add a tab to your page, post badges, or both, be sure to take advantage of Facebook's status and sharing functionality so your activity remains high in your friends' news feeds.

And, of course, if you have your own concept for a badge, leave a note on Jerry's fan page. Our campaign wouldn't be possible without the mosaic of ideas and energy from our support base.

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