...pants on fire!

Someone better treat eMeg for third-degree burns. We just released a video this morning that shows just how false and fabricated her slew of Jerry Brown attack ads are.

Here's the craziest part: she stands by her lies. Even after anchors and bloggers and news organizations and fact check communities have all negated her claims.

In fact, there was so much footage out there of reporters pointing out her lies, we couldn't even include it all in this spot. Don't take my word for it; watch the video and see for yourself.

Know what else? Turns out, voters aren't privvy to the eMeg brand of lie-laden commercials. A poll released today by Public Policy polling shows Jerry ahead 46 to 40 percent. No, you're not experience deja vu; those figures are indeed almost identical to the Reuters poll taken in June.

A whole month of dirty, expensive attack ads, and the numbers aren't moving. I guess voters don't like liars.

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