Stand with Jerry for a
fiscally responsible California

Since taking office, Jerry has taken steps to reduce California's debt, improve the state's credit rating, and protect funding for education and public safety.

Stand with Jerry for a fiscally responsible California. Together, we can demand from our government the same accountability we expect from ourselves. Let's keep California on track for a bright, responsible future.

Read more about Jerry's efforts to reduce the deficit here.

Are you with Jerry?

Gov. Jerry Brown's approval rating climbs to high of 59%, poll finds

By Melanie Mason - Los Angeles Times SACRAMENTO -- Nearly 60% of registered voters approve of Gov. Jerry Brown's job performance, according to a poll released Wednesday. Read more


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To My Fellow Citizens of California

To my fellow citizens of California: Four years ago, I asked that you support my candidacy for governor based on my bringing an “insider’s knowledge but an outsider’s mind” to fix the budget breakdown and overcome Sacramento’s poisonous partisanship. Now, four years later, a $27 billion deficit ... Read more


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Jerry Brown, version 2.0: 'California's the healthiest it's been in a decade'

Rory Carroll -  Once known for his ambition and environmentalism, the governor has stabilised California's economy and embraced pragmatism.


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