Stand with Jerry for a
fiscally responsible California

Since taking office, Jerry has taken steps to reduce California's debt, improve the state's credit rating, and protect funding for education and public safety.

Stand with Jerry for a fiscally responsible California. Together, we can demand from our government the same accountability we expect from ourselves. Let's keep California on track for a bright, responsible future.

Read more about Jerry's efforts to reduce the deficit here.

Are you with Jerry?

California’s Brown Turns Foes to Friends in No. 1 Economy

By Michael B. Marois - Bloomberg Businessweek  By the time Jerry Brown returned to the California governor’s office for a third term, he had as Oakland’s mayor eschewed affordable housing for $1 billion in downtown development and as attorney general sued the biggest U.S. mortgage lender for sto... Read more


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Sacramento Bee Voter Guide

The Sacramento Bee’s Voter Guide published on May 11, 2014 stated that Gov. Jerry Brown “declined to respond to questions posed to the Candidates." In fact, Brown offered to answer all six of the questions featured in the voter guide. Read more


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With Eye on Re-election, Brown Pushes Rainy-Day Fund

By JENNIFER MEDINA New York Times SACRAMENTO — After overcoming years of fiscal dysfunction that stemmed in part from an antitax ballot referendum, Gov. Jerry Brown is trying to call California voters to the ballot again — this time to approve a constitutional amendment requiring that surpluses ... Read more


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